I love skiing, snowboarding, snow.

Growing up ski racing in the 1980’s at little Mount Southington directed my life in a big way.  I fell in love not only with the sport but the rich culture and lifestyle of skiing – especially the aesthetic and fashion of life in the mountains.

AlpineStyle56 is a place to collect inspiration, explore trends, and celebrate heritage and personal style.  Expect a big dose of vintage images (especially in non-snow months) and as many original photos as I can get out to discover.


Why 56?

Many winters ago, I was part of a group nicknamed “Troop 56” on a backcountry snowboarding trip – all women, all riding 156 cm boards. The name stuck.

I have always loved the Girl Scout reference, as well as its relevance to my nature and product design work in which “scouting” for inspiration is a way of life.


– Alison Napolitano



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