Gym Class: University of New Hampshire, 1943

university new hampshire ski class women 19431/18/1943 Press Photo:  Skiing means a lot of outdoor fun – while muscles are toughened fresh air works its benefits.  Sports which give vigorous exercise without requiring long hours of instruction have a prominent place in the feminine toughening up process. 

The University of New Hampshire is one of the first colleges to follow the War Program of Physical Fitness through Physical Education, as applied to women.  Body building rather than recreational sports is the pattern adhered to by these coeds.  Some 650 girls regularly do calisthenics, stunts and tumbling, Army tactics in marching and drill formations, and run the same obstacle course used in the men’s physical education program.  As a result, University of New Hampshire women students will be ready for any kind of war work or military duty, no matter how strenuous.

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