Schladming 2013: FIS Alpine Ski World Championships

Schladming, Austria is host to the 2013 FIS Alpine World Championships.  Located in Styria in the heart of the country, this event is being called the Ski Festival with Heart.  The ebullient mood seems to be equal parts Austrian national ski pride and regional culture.

I am arriving a few days in, after both Super G races — missing the drama of Lindsey Vonn’s season-ending crash, as well as the excitement of Ted Ligety’s gold medal in his first-ever Super G win!  So for the next couple weeks, AlpineStyle56 will feature an extra big dose of ski racing action and inspiration. . .

02071©anapolitano2013Medals will be awarded for eleven events over fourteen days.

02072©anapolitano2013Schladming, with neighboring Haus/Ennstal, hosted the Alpine World Championships once before in 1982.

02073©anapolitano2013All races will be held on two slopes with a combined finish arena.

02074©anapolitano2013The voestalpine skygate, a stunning 35 meter high steel arch, adds to the drama of the finish.

02075©anapolitano2013B netting is ready. . .

02076©anapolitano2013. . . and so is Hopsi.

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