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Gertrude Wepsala: Canadian Ski Champion

gertrude wepsala canada ski championFebruary 4, 1940 press photo:  Gertrude Wepsala of Vancouver, Canadian woman ski champion in training on the slopes of Mount Athabaska, in Jasper Park, for the Canadian and International championships.

gertrude wepsala ski athabasca jasper harry rowedFebruary 4, 1940 press photo by Harry Rowed:  Gertrude Wepsala, Canadian woman ski champ, and her trainer, prepare for taking the slides on Athabasca Mountain, in Jasper Park, where year ‘round skiing is found.

gertrude-wepsala-rowedFebruary 4, 1940 press photo by Harry Rowed:  Gertrude Wepsala “greasing up” for a bit of mountain climbing.

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Skiing and Biking with Black Bears

bears_charliftThe Bears Go Over The Mountain.  By ski, or rope or cable.  On the left is “Sunshine”, At the right is his sister “Mabel”.  They dearly love to ski and so, Refuse to hibernate.  Instead invite you all up here Where snow and skiing’s great.

We had quite a good black bear sighting on our mountain bike ride today – same bear (presumably) on two occasions, great view each time.  It seems like an appropriate time to share this rather bizarre vintage postcard from Quebec, Canada.

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