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Support Team Icelantic: Eye of the Condor III

team icelantic ski eye condor photo roberta reborixteam icelantic ski eye condor II la parva chile roberta rebori

Or more precisely, help support the women of Icelantic skis – The Icey Ladies.

The Eye of the Condor is a unique competition in La Parva, Chile that combines freeskiing, photography and filming.  Teams of six (filmer + photographer + four skiers) have five days to create video and photo submissions.

Team Icelantic won the film portion of the contest last year and are using Kickstarter to raise funds to defend their title in the 2013 contest next month.  You can get involved for as little as ten bucks and feel good about supporting skiing, art and a kick-ass team of women!

Here is the link to the Kickstarter project that includes the winning 2012 video:

kaylin richardson icelantic eye condor la parva chile roberta reboriSkier:  Kaylin Richardson

team icelantic ski eye condor la parva chile roberta reborixski eye condor la parva chile robert reborixkaylin richardson icelantic ski eye condor la parva chile roberta rebori sunsetSkier:  Kaylin Richardson

kaylin richardson icelantic eye condor la parva chile roberta rebori moonlightSkier:  Kaylin Richardson in her customized star pants and Astis mitts.

rebecca selig ski icelantic eye condor la parva chile roberta reboriSkier:  Rebecca Selig

viva chile eye of condor ski roberta rebori photoViva Chile!  All 2012 Photos (above):  Roberta Rebori

team icelantic winners eye condor la parva chile 2012Winners!

Good luck 2013 Team Icelantic!
Filmer:  Katy-Robin Garton
Photographer:  Ananda Van Welij
Skiers:  Annelise Loevlie, Alex Taran, Kaylin Richardson, Rebecca Selig

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Super Star: Kaylin Richardson

My favorite example of outerwear customization:  Kaylin Richardson’s star pants!  Kaylin confirmed the star came to be out of necessity, a patch to cover a hole in the knee.  It is a brilliant fix – doesn’t look like a repair, rather a stylish little detail that emphasizes her stoked style.

kaylin_canyonsskiKaylin fulfilling her duties as Ambassador of Skiing at Canyons Resort.  Photo:  Scott Markewitz

kaylinrichardson_starThe star pants in action.  Photo:  Courtesy of Kaylin Richardson

snowbird_crystalwrightThe star pants on the podium:  1st Place at the Snowbird, Utah stop of the 2012 Freeskiing World Tour.  Photo:  via skier Crystal Wright (in yellow).

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Astis Mittens

12121©anapolitano12Astis Erling long-cuff mittens named after modern-day Norwegian polar explorer, Erling Kagge.

kaylinrichardson_astisKaylin Richardson and Astis on a bluebird day.  Photo:  Astis.

These mitts arrived for me today! I first saw Astis handmade mittens last winter in Deer Valley and was smitten.  After seeing them in action on Kaylin Richardson this fall in Warren Miller’s Flow State movie, there was no putting off the inevitable.

Astis mittens are inspired by Native American handicraft, specifically the leather and beadwork of the Cree Indians.  Astis is the Cree word for mitten!  All mittens are hand-stitched and beaded in the USA using the finest natural and performance materials. Though it is going to take a lot to get me out of my Hestra Ski Cross gloves, I am excited to ski with the gorgeous beading and fringe!

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