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Quebec Alpine Club: 1940

quebec alpine club girl laurentian mountain climb

6/6/1940:  QUEBEC ALPINE CLUB HOLDS SPRING OUTING. . . Claire Ferrier, President of the Club and one of the nerviest girls in Canada coming over the edge of a rock cliff on Mt. Baldy.

STE. MARGUERITE, QUEBEC. . . Canada’s only girl mountain climbing club, the Quebec Alpine Club, holds its first spring session, in the picturesque Laurentian mountain area.  The year’s first conquest was the precipitous cliffs of Mt. Baldy, 2,400 feet of sheer rock which they scaled in less than two hours.  Rubber soled shoes, a half inch rope, miner’s picks, and a strong constitution are all they use.  Dangling over a 200 foot sheer rock precipice is their greatest joy.  Winter months are spent keeping in shape by skiing down that sides of the mountains they climb in summer, at a mile a minute clip.  Press Photo:  Hamilton Wright

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Bally: Everest 60th Anniversary Collection

hillary norgay everest climb summit 1953Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay ascend Everest.  Photo:  Smithsonian.com

norgay hillary camp everest 1953Norgay and Hillary at camp.  Photo:  The Times UK

hillary norgay everest anorakHillary and Norgay.  Love the anoraks!  Photo:  Stamford Advocate

bally switzerland boots everest 60th anniversarySwiss luxury brand Bally is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the first Everest ascent with a new capsule collection featuring a reproduction of the Reindeer-Himalaya boots worn by Tenzing Norgay while summiting with Sir Edmund Hillary on May 29, 1953.  Photo:  Bally

bally vincens hiking boot everest 60th anniversaryCheck the Bally website for the full collection and information about the historic expedition.  Photo:  Bally

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Vintage Mountaineering

vintage mountaineering climber alpsxvintage mountaineering climber alps

Have any thoughts on where these climbers might be?  French Alps?  Dolomites?

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Strafe + Ski Mountaineering

12244©anapolitano2012It is always a treat to see Strafe outerwear on the hill.  I love the faded neon color of this jacket – it’s a nice lift for gray Vermont winter skies and also very wearable, not too intense.

Strafe founders, John and Pete Gaston are serious business in the department of mountain endurance challenges – personally conquering prestigious ski mountaineering races and expanding the line to include specialized pieces for this pursuit.

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