UVM Outing Club: 100 Years

uvm outing club university of vermont quarterly ski illustration ross macdonald

If you are one of those people who love the great out-of-doors; if you like to get away now and then from the gods of the valleys and come in touch with the gods of the hills; if you like to feel the freedom that comes when canoe cuts the waters of lake and river; if you enjoy the keen exhilarating pleasure that is born of the ski and snow-shoe trail, you will begin to understand the motives which lie behind the Out-O’-Doors Club of the University of Vermont. – Roderic Marble Olzendam, founder of the UVM Outing Club

The University of Vermont is my alma mater.  Proximity to skiing played a disproportionate role in why I chose to attend the school.  And I did take advantage of the scenario, skiing Sugarbush early on and then switching to Stowe, with a bit of night racing at Bolton Valley.  A love of the outdoors, the associated culture and sub-cultures unite the university more than any other measure, I dare say.

After collecting months’ worth of random mail that still accumulates at my parents’ address, I flipped through the Fall 2013 issue of Vermont Quarterly to find a feature about the centennial anniversary of the UVM Outing Club.  I love the illustrations by Ross MacDonald and certainly the ardent quote by the man who founded the club in 1913, Roderic Marble Olzendam.  “Out into the free open country. . . “ written by Madison Gilmore can be read by clicking here.

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